Green factory, in nature we trust

As one of the largest natural material suppliers in the world, Biozyme sets up an example to establish the “Green Cycle.” For many years, Biozyme has been refining the ancient techniques with the help of scientific management; i.e., fusion of fresh produce and proprietary methods in depth. Pristine produce is fermented into nutrient-rich natural fertilizers, and we provide farmers with these fertilizers along with microorganic knowledge and techniques that give the Mother Earth a break. Soil recuperates, vegetables and fruits grow strong, nutrition concentrates and our lives prolong. We give you the products of our confidence while protecting the land on which we are nurtured.
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Refining and making breakthrough in fermentation techniques for 40 years, the largest plant-based material suppliers in the world

Biozyme is the first enzyme producer legally registered in Taiwan. For 40 years, we have been studying and improving to make a name for Taiwan's enzymes. Our proprietary “multiple fermentation system” transforms locally grown pristine produce into vegetable essences. We focus on zero-pollution space and high-quality water source to become a green factory certified for ISO9001 for the environment and local communities. We established the first super food research center in Taiwan in 2020. Our professional R&D team is dedicated to looking for plant-based materials of better functionality for the new opportunities of human health.
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From the land, the deepest connection to happiness

“The nutrition from the earth is the truest.”

Our founder always insists that the best plant essence comes only from carefully selected natural produce. Each drop of nutrition comes from the kindness of Mother Earth, as it absorbs the concentrated pride and life force of this treasure island from the high mountains, flatlands, coasts and inlands for you and me to savor.

Peace of mind, because we insist

“Trust is the most important asset of every sustainable brand.”
Biozyme takes what the nature provides. We value our three principles, the ISO9001 certification, and regular inspection by third-party labs and in-house human testing. “Peace in mind, nature and effectiveness” are what we insist and, most importantly, our promise.
Day and Night Double Enzyme
7 days slim Day Fiber Fermented Drink
Day and Night Double Enzyme
7 days slim Night Fermented drink
Upgraded formula with Asahi Leaf Extract to help with bowel movement
Digestive Enzyme Powder Plus
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