Biozyme carefully selects the fresh produce of Taiwan and extracts sustainable energy from nature.
Now, it’s time to share this beauty with you.
Peace of mind is the corner stone of progress. We trace back to our very root and refine our
techniques over the years, keeping a close eye on every step of the process.
Apart from constantly reviewing our past, we accelerate our pace to acquire many performance patents and work with all sectors of society on multiple tests. We stay vigilant and take the lead on the boulevard to better health. Our years of confidence and pride are all infused in this unimpressive dark plant essence.
Founder's spirit

Mr. Huang, Po-Cheng, the general manager and founder of Biozyme who was a teacher, took a decisive step into the field of microorganic nutrition after seeing a family member suffering from agonizing illness. As he experienced the repair cycle of “cleansing, regulation and supplement” from the plant essence, Mr. Huang put on his spirits of an educator, and decided to share the beauty with those around him. The idea was spread from one to many and now, Biozyme are selling its products in 27 countries and becomes one of the best in the international microorganic nutrition study.

Happiness comes from sharing. I hope all people have their health and happiness from my sharing.

—Huang, Po-Cheng, founder of Biozyme
Take from the Earth and
give back to farmers

By following the footsteps of farmers from coasts to inlands, and from flatlands to the mountains, we hand-pick hundreds of vegetables and fruits that rich in nutrition and make people’s mouths water. We work with farmers on contract, purchase their seasonal productions and, during the process, reduce their burdens at the selling end. In addition, the organic produce scraps from the fermentation, still rich in microorganic nutrition, are reused to give life back to the land for a benign cycle.

When you pour yourself a cup of plant essence, the breeze brings the aroma of fruits to your nose and the sound of raindrops falling into river comes to your ears. That gives us a mental picture of beautiful field, while we savor the multi-color nutrition made by expert hands and enjoy the beauty that comes from the mingling of great nature and patented methods.

Green at every step for the circle of life

We deeply believe if you treat the earth right, the earth will give back its abundant force of life.
Green cycle is always what we are aiming for. We engage in cooperation across the industrial, governmental and academic departments for opportunity to create something new. The large amount of fruit scraps from multi-layered fermentation is still rich in trace elements. We work with several academic institutions to convert them into healthy fertilizers and share them with partners who have been there with us on the quest for “common good” to nurture better produce and livestock, giving people the opportunity to eat better food and establish the cycle of good.

12 procedures of reassurance
History of development
  • 1981 [ Birth of Biozyme ]
    • Establishment of Biozyme
    • First in Taiwan researching microorganisms
  • 1982-1983 [ Proprietary process ]
    • Proprietary multiple fermentation system (MFS)
    • Successful cultures of dominant bacteria strains through symbiotic culturing purification study and stability research, and development of symbiotic techniques for 12 bacteria strains, including yeast, lactic acid bacteria and acetobacter aceti.
  • 2003-2004 [ Factory certification ]
    • Certification of national quality standard of 《ISO9001》, international food safety standard of 《HACCP》 and Islamic food standard of 《HALAL》
  • 2009 [ Organic and performance certification ]
    • Organic agricultural product processing certification of COAA, organic product certification of USDA NOP, and organic agricultural product certification of ECC
    • “Vegetables and Fruit Fermentation power” was awarded the certification of health food and GMP
    • “Digestive Enzyme Powder Plus” was awarded the SNQ National Quality Award
  • 2011 [ Giving back to society ]
    • “Digestive Enzyme Powder Plus” was awarded the SNQ National Quality Award
    • Biozyme LOHAS Farm is awarded the organic farm certification
  • 2013 [ Green cycle in practice ]
    • Develop organic green cycle system for the purpose of friendly to earth
    • Establish Shanghai Biozyme Biotech
    • Top place in enzyme category in the reader selection of health supplements organized by Common Health magazine
  • 2016 [ Media exposure ]
    • Interview by/in SET News, 《Mommy Says》 of SET Channel, and 《Made in Taiwan》 of CTI Channel
    • Join force with Dept. of Food Science and Technology, Hungkuang University on New Taipei City’s project, “Development of production factors for selenium-rich organic vegetables and commercialization of organic fermentation fluids”
  • 2017 [ SNQ mark, again! ]
    • First choice for pregnancy, “Golden Plus” was awarded the SNQ National Quality Mark
    • Join force with Dept. Of Food Science and Technology, Hungkuang University on “Analysis and application of selenium or sulfur compounds in selenium-rich cabbages and their derivatives”
  • 2018 [ International cooperation ]
    • MOU signed in the 2018 Taiwan – Thailand industrial collaboration Summit
    • Cooperation with National Taiwan Ocean University on the project of Ministry of Science and Technology, “Evaluation on the performance of selenium-containing vegetable and fruit fermentation fluids against cancers”
    • Top place in the enzyme category of Trusted Brand Survey by Common Health magazine
  • 2020 [ Giving back to society ]
    • Donation of fermentation fluids to New Taipei City Hospital and Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital
    • Cooperation with Tainan City Government on the event of “Ting Nong Yu Wei Xiao Xin Fu Jin Wan Lai” to speak up for farmers
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