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Fermentation is a traditional process and we bring out the best on this foundation. The “multiple fermentation system (MFS)” is our top secret for 40 years, as plant nutrition is broken down into smaller, easy-to-absorb molecules for significant improvement human absorption. In recent years, the “functional transformant glycopeptide (FTG) extraction” was developed to make natural ingredients more nutritious thanks to cell wall breaking and degradation, thus creating more possibilities for microorganic nutrition studies.

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Biozyme is the world’s largest supplier of natural plant-based materials. We offer complete service from product development to marketing material planning. Our professional team of R&D, marketing and manufacturing experts has successfully developed more than 300 products. Biozyme is the only professional fermentation manufacturer in Taiwan to own 5 certifications, including TQF, HACCP, ISO, ZHCERT, and HALAL. We have a wide range of patents to ensure stable quality and good performance.

Super food research center

Our national-level lab and R&D team study the highest value of the plants high in nutritional value. We build a complete cycle of health around three demands, “cleansing, regulation and complement.” You will know it works when you start to try it.

Industrial-academic cooperation

Intensive cooperation among governmental, industrial and academic sectors, paper publication, testing at instructional hospitals and university labs have proven the impressive resistance against oxidation in plant essence with significant justification.

Professional manufacturing

HEPA filtration system is combined with automatic temperature and humidity control throughout the entire manufacturing process. QC staff takes samples from the production line on schedule to test the quality of plant essence. Biozyme is capable of annual production of 3000 tons and has a storage capability of 9,000 tons to help with steady production.

Diversity of supports

Multiple forms of product are supported, including concentrates, beverage, tablets, capsules, and paste. We offer not only multiple choices, but also marketing plans at the rear end of product for win-win.

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