The plant essence of Biozyme Enzyme Technology (Biozyme hereinafter) is also called fermentation fluid, ferment fluid or enzyme fluid. It is often confused with enzyme, but is in fact a completely different element of health improvement.

(1) Enzyme is made of proteins. It is essential for our body to maintain functions, digest food and repair tissues. Enzyme is the catalyst in our body. Without enzyme, all bodily functions will cease to work. Enzymes are synthesized in our body by cells in pancreas and liver or obtained from the food we eat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are all rich in enzymes.

(2) Fermentation fluid is produced by fermenting micro-organically natural vegetables and fruits over long period of time. It is more like plant essence than enzyme. Many important ingredients like phytochemicals, minerals, necessary amino acids, vegetable polyphenol, and vitamins are obtained using different stains of lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and acetobacter aceti in various fermentation times. The fermentation fluid of Biozyme is produced by fermentation over 540 days in three species of 12 strains of bacteria. A wide variety of nutrients are obtained in our proprietary process. The most important nutrient is the superoxide dismutase, or SOD. SOD and many other small molecules of nutrients work together to regulate our bodily functions.

In simple terms, (1) fermentation fluid = plant essence ≠ enzyme; (2) nutrients in fermentation fluid > enzyme; (3) the fermentation fluid is not equal to eating enzyme for enzyme supplement; rather, it cleans our body and provide the needed nutrition for coordinated actions to restore heath.
In fact, enzyme food is a type of health supplements. It is just that every type of nutrition supplement works in its own way. For example: (1) the vitamin tablets provide the vitamins needed to our body running; (2) Deep sea fish oil contains EPA and DHA that remove toxins from the blood vessels and keep the blood running; (3) probiotic bacteria keep bad ones from damaging human body, simulate intestinal peristalsis and improve constipation; and (4) plant essence is mostly natural. Nutrient molecules are easily absorbed by human body thanks to the cell wall breaking and degradation techniques. The coordinated actions of these nutrients help regulate the entire body.
You can just drink it out of the bottle, or have it diluted with 5 to 8 times of cold or warm water. It is recommended for children above 1 year old; 5c.c. per day for 1 to 5 years old; and 10-15c.c. per day for 5 to 10 years old. For adult health improvement, it is recommended one to three times per day and 20-30c.c every time. If there is a health condition, it is recommended to start with small dosage and increase gradually from there.
It is better to drink with an empty stomach than after deal, because the fermentation fluid is better absorbed with an empty stomach. However, for those with a stomach problem, ulcer or sensitive stomach, it is recommended to drink 5 to 10 minutes after meal.
It depends on your body. Some feel the difference as quickly as in 3 to 4 days, while it may take as long as 15 days to a month for others. The Plant Essence is produced from natural vegetables and fruits, and most of non-medical health supplements regulate our bodies in a mild way.
Health supplements are not medicines. There is no specific restriction to it. IT is suitable for those with diabetes, heart condition, high blood pressure, kidney problem, etc. However, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before starting using the product. If you are on western or Chinese medication, it is recommended to keep an interval of an hour or longer to prevent any interaction
Biozyme’s quality control staff perform tests and taste evaluation on every lot of products. Sometimes, there are a few insoluble extracts on the surface, but those are food fibers from long-term fermentation and concentration and active ingredients like mycelia of Ganoderma instead of sugar crystals. The sweet taste is because Biozyme’s products are fermented from vegetables and fruits over long period of time. The moisture and sugar contents in these vegetables and fruits vary depending on seasons and climates. In general, the lower the ambient temperature, the more viscous the products. That’s why we regulate the temperature of our products to 25℃ before performing any test in order to prevent any error in test data due to temperature variation. All Biozyme’s products are carefully tests for quality management, and they are shipped to you only after they pass these rigorous tests. Therefore, please rest assured.
It is recommended to drink 10 to 30 minutes after meal.
The complete nutrients in the plant essence (fermentation fluid) vitalize the cells in our body and accelerate the metabolism, and metabolism requires water. So, if you don’t drink enough water, it is normal to feel mouth dry. So, drink more water, like 500cc more than usual. Or, you may eat vegetables and fruits rich in water or drink sugar-free tea. That will improve the thirst and boost the metabolism to the next level!
Biozyme Plant Essence (fermentation fluid) goes through the complete process of fermentation and features a mild taste. It is awarded the Halal certification (alcohol is forbidden in Islamic world, which means Halal is also a non-alcohol certification). The materials used to make vinegar are simple. Only acetobacter aceti is used for making vinegar and the production time is relatively short. The result is less nutrients than in the plant essence.
(1) No. The long-time fermentation has made the product neither cold nor warm. The product is natural health complement mild in nature. People with a cold-natured body are recommended to regulate the body with our product.

(2) Biozyme has learned from years of research that the nutrition varies in nature depending on the type of vegetable or fruit. Therefore, our proprietary techniques allow us to put vegetables and fruit of the same nature in independent tanks for fermentation after these vegetables and fruits are carefully selected and distributed in the right proportion, as to prevent the final result from deterioration. Therefore, please rest assured.
Not recommended. Every product of Biozyme is designed and developed by our professional team of experts in the best-fit proportion. Therefore, it is not recommended to mix them. You may drink one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, or consume one product for 3 to 6 months before switching to the next.
Well, not all of them. We are working on the labeling. The organic product regulations of Taiwan specify that an organic product is one that 95% of the materials come from organic sources. At present, there is no such a large quantity and variety of organic produce for us to produce our products. Instead, we set up four steps to screen our produce materials to ensure our customers get high-quality products that give them peace of mind and no burden.

Step 1: Safe fresh vegetables and fruits that comply with heavy metal and pesticide criteria are selected from produce distribution centers;

Step 2: Our quality control staff examine the incoming produce and upload the data to Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute.

Step 3: Vegetables and fruits are washed in ozone water to ensure their safety.

Step 4: Products are tested by a third-party lab for pesticide and heavy metal for the health of our product users.
It takes a lot of time and efforts to produce plant essence (fermentation fluid). Compared to those that outsource health supplement materials for product formulation, Biozyme is more like a supplier of natural materials. We take things in our own hands from purchase of natural produce to long-time fermentation. Biozyme has been founded for 40 years. We develop our own fermentation technology and focus on the field of plant essence from the very beginning. Not only we have a large facility for fermentation tanks, but also our factory is certified for ISO9001 and HACCP. Our products are tested by third-party labs constantly to ensure quality and performance.
We spare no cost to extract plant essences using independent fermentation. It is costly for sure, but it works well for combination with other products. This gives us the flexibility to develop products of different functions from formulation of different material proportions.
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